About this guide


The guide addresses the Colorado 1630 and is written for the printer operator.

It describes the complete workflow of the printer: from setup to the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the machine.




Before using the system

Components of the printer

Explore the system

Daily use

Use the RIP software

Configure media in the RIP

Load, wind, and cut media

Handling the media

Print a job

Print a job

Improve quality

Improve quality


Clean and maintain the printheads

Maintain the print quality

Maintain the rest of the printer

Maintain the printer

Network and security

Network and security options

Configure the network and security settings


Clear jams, stop the printer

General troubleshooting

Clean polluted parts

Clean pollution on the printer

Operator skill level

This guide describes safeguards for the protection of an instructed person. Instructed person is a term applied to persons who have been instructed and trained by a skilled person, or who are supervised by a skilled person, to identify energy sources that may cause pain and to take precautions to avoid unintentional contact with or exposure to those energy sources.