What Arizona Xpert can do for you

Arizona Xpert consists of two main software components that assist you to design and print high-value applications.

The design part of Arizona Xpert is called Arizona Xpert Extensions.

The production part of Arizona Xpert is called Arizona Xpert Engine.

This online help describes the Arizona Xpert Engine.

For online help on the Arizona Xpert Extensions go to the Arizona Xpert Extensions Help

About the users

This information is written for production staff.

The Arizona Xpert Engine is an ONYX Thrive Add-on that supports Production staff (production managers and operators) in producing a broad range of high-value applications by combining the capabilities of Arizona 12xx, 13xx, 22xx, 23xx, 61xx printers and, optionally, ProCut cutters.

After installation of the Arizona Xpert Engine an Arizona Xpert icon is added to the tool bar in the ONYX Thrive RIP-Queue. The Arizona Xpert icon gives access to the Arizona Xpert Engine user interface and enables the production staff to do the following:

  • Automatically create productions recipes (RIP jobs and instructions, registration, print and cut instructions) needed to produce the applications designed with the Arizona Xpert Extensions.

  • Define and reuse application recipes that specify the entire production setup for a wide range of print products.

The Arizona Xpert Engine can be used stand-alone to create new applications from non-Xpert PDF files.

When used in combination with the Arizona Xpert Extensions, the Arizona Xpert Engine can be used to create new applications based on the effects defined within Xpert PDF files created with the Arizona Xpert Extensions.

The workflow